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Thailand Customs - on Arrival

What can you bring in - and how much?

Duty Free Allowance when entering Thailand


The duty free allowance will be applied to accompanied personal effects up to Thai Baht 10,000 worth if -  1) the items are intended for your own personal or professional uses;  2) the quantity is reasonable; and 3) the items are not subject to prohibition or restriction.

However, there are limits on the amount of alcoholic beverages, cigarettes, cigars and smoking tobacco to which you may include in your duty free personal exemption as follows:

·           200 cigarettes or 250 grams of cigars or smoking tobacco

·           1 litre of spirituous liquor.

Personal effects do not include motor vehicles and motor vehicle parts regardless of the length of time used and owned. 


Customs on Arrival in Thailand


The Thai Customs Department is the national frontline against the smuggling of illegal drugs and other prohibited and restricted goods. Customs has discovered large amount of illegal drugs in accompanied baggage and on passengers themselves. However, we realize that very few travelers actually violate the law, but we still need to examine the baggage and/or carry out personal search, which by law we are allowed to do so.


To facilitate and expedite the clearance of passengers, the International Airport Customs Offices all over the country provide Customs inspectors to assist passengers at both the “Red and Green Channels”. 

Green Channel: Inbound passengers with nothing to declare walk through the “Nothing to Declare” exit (Green Channel); or

Red Channel: Inbound passengers with something to declare e.g. dutiable items, prohibited/restricted goods, etc. or you are unsure which exit to use go to the "Goods to Declare" exit (Red Channel).

If you need help clearing Customs, please do not hesitate to ask the Customs inspectors for assistance.


Import Declarations


Before passengers arrive in Thailand, you will receive a “Passenger Declaration Form (Form No. 211).  You must complete the Form and submit it to Customs officials while walking through the Red/Green Channels.  Passengers with nothing to declare (no dutiable items, no prohibited/restricted goods) tick ž in the section “Nothing to Declare” of the Form No.211 while those bringing in dutiable items, prohibited/restricted goods or unsure which section to declare tick ž in the section “Goods to Declare” of the Form No. 211.


For more information go to the official Thai Customs website.