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Driving the Hot Springs Loop near Khao Lak

This area has some of the most interesting and beautiful beaches in Thailand - and they are quite often deserted - for you alone!

About 25-35 minutes south of Khao Lak - on highway 4 - is the village of Khok Kloi (you will also see signs that say Khook Kloy and other variations - so stay flexible!). 

At the main intersection in the town there is a police box - and also at the corner is a sign to the Hot Springs Resort.  Take that road.

Follow the road for about 4.5 km to the turn off for the Hot Springs Resort.  Take that road in and follow the beaches all the way to the resort (several km).  You will pass the beach in the picture above - and it runs for many kilometers.  The countryside in this area is also beautiful and grown in with palm trees and other vegetation.

You may be tempted to follow the road past the Hot Springs Resort - and it is a nice drive - but it will dead end into a bad dirt road.  Enjoy it - but don't expect it to go anywhere.

When you come back out to the loop road from the resort - turn right and follow the road all way back to highway 4 (5.5 km).  Along this stretch of road you will again find more long beaches - and a few new resorts.  You will even see a development of what are US$1-2-3 million++ homes.  Something we can all aspire to - a nice villa right on the beach. 

When you get back out on the main road (it will be obvious) - turn left to head north to Khao Lak.

Enjoy this drive - it takes about two hours if you go at a relaxed pace and stop to take pictures of the area.