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Khao Lak Weather and Climate Information

What's Khao Lak's weather like?

You'll hear everything from "No problem, come on over" to "It rained for days!"

This is the place to get the scoop on Khao Lak's weather - from opinion to links to weather charts, weather histories and more.  Even daily weather commentaries from a local dive shop.

The short story is that Khao Lak has a fairly typical tropical weather pattern.  Two seasons really, a hot season, which is fairly dry - and a rainy season, which is a little cooler.  Rainy season can be quite nice as it cools the weather down a little. The rain will rarely change your daily plans.  Typically, there is a good afternoon thundershower (20-60 minutes) and a good hard rain in the middle of the night.  But, Khao Lak does get the occasional 2-3 day storm that you might not enjoy if it is in the middle of your vacation.

While Khao Lak itself has no formal weather stations, we can get a good estimate of the local weather by checking the current weather and five-day forecast for Takuapa at Weather Underground and other information for the Phuket area.  Takuapa is about 30 minutes drive north of Khao Lak.  Most Phuket weather information will come from the airport (see current info below) about 55 minutes drive south of Khao Lak.

Click on the satellite map below to see the current  image of the weather in the region.  The Khao Lak area will be near the top of the bottom left quadrant of the image - slightly above the elbow of the peninsula.  The image is updated every few hours.

Here is the current weather at Phuket International Airport