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Just south of the T-Junction near the Palm GalleriaDriving Cape Pakarang near Khao Lak

This is an excellent drive if you wish to get off the main roads and see quiet beaches and a bit of back country without having to go far from the main part of Khao Lak.

To get to the peninsula, head north from Khao Lak on the road to Takuapa.  Drive about five minutes until you see the white road marker on your left with 22 on the top and 191 on the bottom (these concrete markers are about one meter high and whitewashed  - they have black letters).  This means you are 22 kilometers south of Takuapa and 191 km from Ranong.  Just a 3-400 metes after this take the paved road left. 

 From that point follow the paved road for about 3.4 km to the T-junction.  Turn right at the T-junction and the cape point is just 1.2 km down the road.

Coconut Grove near the Palm GalleriaAlong the way you see dramatic coconut groves and depending on the time of year - an interesting selection of birds.  Kingfishers are always around though - so keep an eye on the power lines and trees along the edge of the road.  The views from the point are astounding.   You'll have an almost 270 degree view of the sea and beaches.

To east from the cape point - if you look down the beach - are the Sarojin, Similana, LeMeridien, and Royal Bangsak Resorts - farther to the north a bit will be the Haadson Resort.

When you head back to the T-junction you see the Palm Galleria just to the east of the junction and along the road there heading south (continue straight at the junction) you will find the Tacola (sometimes spelled Takoka) and farther south a couple new resorts including the Apsaras Beach Resort.

See the Cape Pakarang Restaurants page for great places to eat while you are out this way.

Don't worry about getting lost out here.  Every road, if not a dead end, eventually heads out to the main highway.